Drawing = to observe and transform and amplify

Sick sculptures and drawings by Heiko Blankenstein.

Karin Felder

Paintings by Karin Felder.

Instant favelas

Made from cardboard – instant favelas.

Aborobots: Ramble & Roam

Vinyl kills, wood doesn’t … Ramble & Roam by Pepe & Cris Rose.

Are you in the dark place

From the series “Are you in the dark place…” (2010) by Gabi Deutsch / Switzerland.

Cat Tuong Nguyen

Photoworks by Cat Tuong Nguyen. More images here and here, and a view into the book ‘Underdog suite’ (Scheidegger & Spiess 2009). You guess the artist is originally from Vietnam and you are right.

Alex Schauwecker

Inspired by mountain life and urban topos, Alex Schauwecker. Sketchbook ’Between Cat and Wolf’, 46 pages, 20cm x 14cm, Color Photocopy, Edition of 90, Printed 2010. Hakuin Verlag.


Now it is gone. Skateboarddeck in tree stump.

Gabi Vogt

Commercial works with a subtle sense of…? Check Gabi Vogt’s diverse portfolio here.

Bar total

Image campaign, Total Bar Zurich.

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