Clemens Behr – Splitter

New sculptures by Clemens Behr. Exhhibition until 4th of August in Berlin.


Architectural elements are the trademark of Francisco Diaz aka Pastel’s wall paintings. Above alongside JAZ. As you can read.

Lush sux

Man of the hour – Lush. Provocative and not suitable for < 18 years. Check his tumblr and his cartoon manifesto “handjob” available from backwoods gallery.


Back to the roots of murals – excerpts from the book

Muralismo. Arte En La Cultura Popular Chilena./Mural Painting. Art in Chile’s Popular Culture.

More images of classic murals in Chile here.

The ROA cycle

You rarely see any videos of Peter ROA painting, below is one. And here is a video interview with the Belgian, but you better check his art, for instance his murals in Mexico and his installation at black rat projects. We need more  animals and decay!


Besides doing walls, Tec is known for his cheering imagery at children hospitals (“Hospital de Niños”). Also catch the fire by watching the trailer for his Ruta 9 movie – a documentary about Argentinian wall paintings.


About Jote “Creating I am trying above all to respect the spirit of the place. It is for me particularly important because surroundings are one of components of the structure of my works. On architecturalisation of space influences a game of the colour, shapes, lines. I’m trying to find the meaning in the space in which very plain can create that space. Minimalist in its expression forms fit well in the industrial space. This creates the impression that the plane image is intertwined with the environment.” The photos are from his ‘letters’ series.

Miniature graffiti

Via `we like that`


Taken from vlep[v]net. What would Julie Mehretu say about these murals?

The unconscious art of demolition

Can’t buy this love. ‘The unconscious art of demolition’ on flickr.

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