It´s burning everywhere

Part of the conflict, Thomas Hirschhorn. Would his art work out on the streets? I think so, though it’s better situated in galleries. Learn more about his thoughts on bringing together politics, philisophy, love and aesthetics.

Red light, green light

VHILS for fame

I have been following Alexandre ‘VHILS’ Farto for a long time, and his latest work for the Fame festival in Grottaglie / Italy is better than ever. The final group show begins on Sept. 27th.


Illuminated erasable wallpainting. Via drawing(a)live. “We are interested in the act of drawing considered a show itself or in relation to other arts, from performance art to audio-visual concerts, from contemporary theater to visual poetry ..”

Everything looks better in slow-mo

European roughness pitched down. Now you see the asphalt. Go to ‘Wooden nickels’ Episode 2 for regular motion.

Analog digital

No digital manipulation but careful arrangements. Photos by Bela Borsodi from NYC.


ARTSHit / Escif “Muros y paredes”

96 pages, hardcover, 150 signed copies available from His finest works until 2010 and a conversation with X, Y and Z about the street as an area of creation (in Spanish only). Watch out for Escif’s feature in the February issue of Juxtapoz and for his show at FIFTY24SF in summer. Street <-> Art.

Have a good day, sir

Catch the friendly fire of Dave Ackels’ skate vid series named “Absorb”.

DIY spot

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