Alex Schauwecker

Inspired by mountain life and urban topos, Alex Schauwecker. Sketchbook ’Between Cat and Wolf’, 46 pages, 20cm x 14cm, Color Photocopy, Edition of 90, Printed 2010. Hakuin Verlag.

Far East Skateboarding Network

Creative skateboarding and storytelling from the ‘Overground broadcasting’ DVD: “Yes, skating was originally from abroad. But the skating and audio-visual skills has evolved in Japan as time passed. The FESN skate philosophy, looking at overground from the perspective of underground, was born. This is a new definition of Japanese skateboarding, ‘from Japan to the World’”.

Japanese erotica




Have a look at more red n white drawings by Kenichi Yokono.

Koki Tanaka’s dirty yoga


Koki Tanaka’s art is about the choices you have and the ones you make. Weirdelic videos!