Hello plantlife

So hippie and so now – Nathaniel Russell.

Cosplay calendar

Cosplay calendar 2012 out now. Photos by Thomas Good. More cosplay photography: Judith Stephens, Cosplaygen.

Mr. Burns

Oil paintings by Seth Armstrong.

Léopold Rabus

Certainly unique, the huge paintings by Léopold Rabus. Which show more than only couples in the woodlands. Here is the book.

Axel Beyer – Bebra curiosa

Here is a video how it is to live in Bebra. Hessian hardcore. Great scenic shots by Axel Beyer.

Masakatsu Sashi

Fantasies of a living in the future oilpainted by Masakatsu Sashi. Larger images here.

Jesper Rasmussen / Beni Bischoff

“Off location” (2004) by Jesper Rasmussen, DK and “Bricked castles” (2009) by Beni Bischoff, CH. Digitally retouched photographs. Apart from these series, their work is pretty different.

Georg Brückmann

He takes photos of partly sculptured rooms of solitude  - Georg Brueckmann.

Turning the place over

Breaking our preconceptions and expectations. Richard Wilson explores the idea of ‘architecture as event’ and transforms this office building in Liverpool (2007). True ‘Anarchitecture’ Gordon Matta Clark (1943-1978) would say.

Yanick Dusseault

Digital matte paintings by Yanick Dusseault.

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