Low cost design / Anarch etiquette

Daniele Pario Perra by his research project ‘low cost design’ documents … “the smart solutions created by anonymous designers to find a way to sort out everyday problems or needs. The two books published by Silvana present hundreds of examples of unconventional creativity: a re-use, or better, a modified and enlightened use not only of objects, but also of actions and projects that can change the use of the territory, thus revealing people’s innovative customs and great imagination.”

Another great project has been Perra´s urban fresco removal, more infos here.

A street type

Street font photography by Joel Birch.  For more like this check his crew lo-fi  collective and especially the typographers below.

Juan Angel Chavez


“Juan Angel Chavez was born in La Junta, Chihuahua, Mexico. At the age of thirteen, he immigrated with his family to Chicago. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Early College Program and continued his studies at The School, but did not obtained a degree.”

Red light, green light

Jason Starkie

Jason Starkie loves construction elements. To be seen in the window of Hotbox.Ada while they are setting up the next show in the main room.

Punk is dead

Photos by Ricky Adam.

Down these mean streets

Photography by Will Steacy.

Street economy

From the ’street economy’ series (2001-) by Tadej Pogačar / Ljubljana.

Jason Rusnock – Seeing things

Photos by Jason Rusnock. Details, youth, street, humor. Featured by zine of the month.

Misplaced manhole covers

This is something for the advanced stroller. Look out for misplaced manhole covers. Part of the urban puzzle.

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