Hypercolored fisheye photoraghpy gets liked.

Cheryl Dunn

Surf photos from the “Privado” series by Cheryl Dunn. Visit her tumblr for more user friendliness. Embrace life and the streets of New York.

East of the adriatic – photobook

‘East of the adriatic’ is available from 1980 editions for 28,00 €:

Scott Bourne, well-known skateboarder and writer, welcomes us on board for a balkan road-trip cruising through Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania to Split, Croatia, by the Adriatic sea. The journey to the end of the night, with the rhythm of an old-time sailor song, of an author always seeking for discovery and strangeness. Bertrand Trichet and Sergej Vutuc exhibit their photographs, as if to express the different sensations of a same journey, and give a hand to Lars Grewe, Jaka Babnik and Scott Bourne himself to illustrate the text. Pierre Villanoba, first dancer of the San Francisco Ballet, signs the foreword and Romain Pareja has left his tattoo studio to draw mythologist figures which achieve to make unique this Balkan journal, to the East of the Adriatic.”

Follow this link for some more photos from inside the book.

William Klein

Painted contact by William Klein, courtesy of 51 Gallery, Antwerp:

“An international jury at Photokina 1963 voted William Klein one of the 30 most important photographers in the medium’s history. He became famous in Europe immediately upon publication of his strikingly intense book of photographs, “Life Is Good for You in New York” – William Klein Trance Witness Revels, for which he won the Prix Nadar in 1956. Klein’s visual language made an asset out of accident, graininess, blur, and distortion. He has described his work as “a crash course in what was not to be done in photography.” Klein employed a wide-angle lens, fast film, and novel framing and printing procedures to make images in a fragmented, anarchic mode that emphasized raw immediacy and highlighted the photographer’s presence in the scene. ”

Robert van der Hilst

From photo journalist Robert van der Hilst and his ‘Shanghai’ series (1990-1993).

Tal Bright

Tal Bright likes strolling in Tel Aviv and colorful patterns. She selftitles some of her works “minimal abstracts”.


Hahaha! Art of the accidental penis. Wahts on your mind.

Stories behind objects

26 photos from around town by Gary Fogelson. Indexhibit network.

Endless shaka

Bittersweet photos by Ray Potes. It’s a lifestyle but don’t call it lifestyle.

Vandalized trees reoriented




Vandalized Trees Reoriented ink-jet prints from digital photographs. Taken from Daniel Eatock’s website – an impressive network of people with a keen eye. Wow, yeah, super. Go there, quick.


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