Crack & Shine

Down with graffiti, public transport, dogs and grime (do you remember), Will Robson-Scott.

Out Of Nowhere And Back In

Strong in color, pattern and looking at distubances – Alexis Vasilikos.

Stop internet romance

Start the reality party. Hamburger Eyes`Alex Martinez. His tumblr.

John Kilar

Sometimes too close for comfort, sometimes too far away. John Kilar.

Hurricane protection

Hurricane protection‘ (2011) by Nummy Nims.

Noel Camardo’s street photography

Noel Camardo´s street photography. From classic to contemporary.

Mishka Henner – No man´s land

Do these women sell strawberries and flowers? Not quite. Read more about Mishka Henner’s ‘No man’s land’ street view documentary of European hookers. Also check his frozen newsreader captures ‘Bliss’.

Down these mean streets

Photography by Will Steacy.

Hans Eijkelboom

A very special street photographer and urban sociologist, Hans Eijkelboom. From his ‘10 EURO outfits’ series (2005-2006): ”I bought 32 new outfits for myself, initially once a week, later once a fortnight. The only criterion for my choice was the price: it couldn’t be higher than ± 10 euros.” All outfits are documented in a photo book. Serious asphalt.

Street economy

From the ’street economy’ series (2001-) by Tadej Pogačar / Ljubljana.

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