Variations of the Crass symbol by David Anthony King.


Evol’s installation at the flamingo beach lotel in 2008 must be called epic. Together with JUST – the male Martha Cooper of Berlin – he has a show at Wilde Gallery until Nov. 27th.  Here is a preview. Why not spend some of the revenues to Miss Marylou?

Kenji (KNGee) – May’s lane

Kenji Nakayama’s panel from the May’s lane project (2008) is on tour in Australia until the end of next year. Another piece is on public display at 132 Elridge ST, NYC. More images at his flickr.

James Voller’s photos of his photographic stencils

Reminds me of EVOL’s ‘Plattenbauten’ – but still a nice way of altering one’s perception of a place. Here’s the artist space. Make yourself a home.


Adbusting and readymades by the great Emess.  Wählen Sie “Die Kitzlerin”. ATM GALLERY BERLIN.

Window washer by Martin Whatson


”Window washer”
Varied Edition of 10 + 2 on aluminium & 2 on Perspex
Stencil & Spraypaint on 60×60 cm canvas
£250 + p&p

Available from the artist’s website ctrl84. He’s also painting walls.