Art & architecture

Explore the visual world of Matthieu Gafsou and feel the borders between nature and man-made environments melting. Tell mum nothing is okay.

Alex Schauwecker

Inspired by mountain life and urban topos, Alex Schauwecker. Sketchbook ’Between Cat and Wolf’, 46 pages, 20cm x 14cm, Color Photocopy, Edition of 90, Printed 2010. Hakuin Verlag.

Jan Christian Pohl

Works by Jan Christian Pohl / FFM. Slightly bizarre and touching.

Silvano Zeiter

Photos by Silvano Zeiter. Self-painted bank fakie flipped by Alessandro Magnani.

Oli Gagnon / Laura Austin

It’s time for some action, sport! Skate n snow magazine’s leftover shots by Oli Gagnon reported by rad collector’s columnist Laura Austin. Q & A with Oli here.

Nico Schärer’s still action



Interesting mix of action and still life by Nico Schärer, courtesy of DS photography Switzerland.