720 – Andrew Phelps

The “720″ series by Andrew Phelps blends art & sport, a gentle surrealism, abandoned buildings, found objects and signage of living. All of what I believe in and what stirs me for whatever reasons. The liner notes “It is so quiet here” by Sebastien Zanella sum it up. And if you want to buy that feeling, get the series at Brunnhofer Galerie Linz or the newspaper re-edition 2012 of the self-published and sold out catalogue from 2010.

DIY skatespots – Richard Gilligan

The first extensive documentation of DIY skatespots, a photo book by Richard Gilligan published by 1980 editions Paris. The limited edition of 30 (signed and with a print of the image you see above) is still available. Highly recommend though of course some interesting DIY spots are missing. Due to Richard^s “democratic editing process” of which you can read in this interview.

The art of letter writing

Enroll in Jai Tanju`s Print exchange program (P.E.P). Have a look inside his photo books ‘With a camera from Marc’ and ‘Emulsion stew’. Photography of the moment – to the fullest.

The beast

Praise the beast.

Back to Mystery City

A photo series by Andreas Laszlo Konrath. His history.

Everything looks better in slow-mo

European roughness pitched down. Now you see the asphalt. Go to ‘Wooden nickels’ Episode 2 for regular motion.

Full bleed – New York skateboard photography

The book ‘Full bleed – New York skateboard photography’ has been out for a while. What makes it so good is, it shows the multiple facets of skateboarding: The characters, the spots, the side action, the tricks, the fashion, and the city that is New York. All of which is constantly changing is archived in this compendium. There would be one thing to make it better: More background info about the photos and an easier way to interrelate the info with the pages, since the numeration is missing. Have a look inside.

Adam Sello – Anzeige Berlin

Issue 35 – 1/2011 featuring Stefan Marx. Editor and photographer extraordinaire Adam Sello is making history. Look inside.

Have a good day, sir

Catch the friendly fire of Dave Ackels’ skate vid series named “Absorb”.

The other ramps

Waterpark slides inspired by skateboarding structures. E.g. Here and here. When are they open for skateboarding?

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