DIY skatespots – Richard Gilligan

The first extensive documentation of DIY skatespots, a photo book by Richard Gilligan published by 1980 editions Paris. The limited edition of 30 (signed and with a print of the image you see above) is still available. Highly recommend though of course some interesting DIY spots are missing. Due to Richard^s “democratic editing process” of which you can read in this interview.

The beast

Praise the beast.

Back to Mystery City

A photo series by Andreas Laszlo Konrath. His history.

Creamy dirty talk talk

Snaphots by Patrick Buckley aka 30 pack Pat.

Full bleed – New York skateboard photography

The book ‘Full bleed – New York skateboard photography’ has been out for a while. What makes it so good is, it shows the multiple facets of skateboarding: The characters, the spots, the side action, the tricks, the fashion, and the city that is New York. All of which is constantly changing is archived in this compendium. There would be one thing to make it better: More background info about the photos and an easier way to interrelate the info with the pages, since the numeration is missing. Have a look inside.

Blabac – L’art du skateboard

DC shoes photographer Mike Blabac has collaborated with skateboarding’s biggest names and immortalised hundreds of venues, most of which are shut down today.

Discover an unusual exhibition drawn from his Blabac Photo, ‘The Art of Skateboarding’ book, on view for the first time in Switzerland. Twenty prints of key moments from the ’90s onwards, immortalised by Blabac and selected by JMZ, will be on show in an extraordinary venue.

Limited ed ‘resurrection’ deck available from pulp68.

Garry Trinh

From the ‘Our Spot’ series (2008).

“These photographs were captured using an old light leaking camera and expired photographic film. The defects reflect the raw character of the skaters and the skateparks that once coexisted in these landscapes. Most of these skateparks existed between the late 80s and 90s. After years of wear and tear these skateparks were eventually torn down and replaced by more modern style skateparks.”

Compare to Eric Tabuchi’s ‘Countrysights’ series.

A different type of skate photography



British born Nick Haymes (1969) now living in NYC has got a background in fashion photography, his images are close to the subjects and capture the joyful moments of life. So skateboarding tricks are not his territory, but the side action that happens when a bunch of skateboarders are together. Look inside his book ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ and see his works for Teen Vogue or the Bespoke Gallery.



Kenneth Cappello born in Houston/Texas 1973 grew up on punk rock and skateboarding. After having assisted photographer David LaChappelle he’s now working for various fashion magazines and also does videos. The book ‘Acid Drop’ collects the casual snapshots he made as a teenager in the late 1980s, of his friends skateboarding. Look inside here. Published by Aperture foundation, a non-profit organization whose aim is advance photography in all its forms and to foster the exchange of ideas among audiences worldwide. For more photos by Kenneth Cappello, here’s his website.