We love web comics

Sketches and prints from cartoonists Scott Campbell, Kyle Hoyt, Daniel M. Davis and others. They fit perfectly into your kitchen and wallet. Available from doublepunch gallery SF or via their webshop.

Aborobots: Ramble & Roam

Vinyl kills, wood doesn’t … Ramble & Roam by Pepe & Cris Rose.

Mark Weaver

Screen prints by Mark Weaver. Artist proofs for < $ 250.

Scuba horse

Bronze – Gun Metal Black Patina.  By Faile (2009). Dimensions: 12.25 in. x 9 in. x 11.5 in. Edition of 10. Available for $ 12.000 from the faile store.The original white one looks better though.

ARTSHit / Escif “Muros y paredes”

96 pages, hardcover, 150 signed copies available from artsh.it. His finest works until 2010 and a conversation with X, Y and Z about the street as an area of creation (in Spanish only). Watch out for Escif’s feature in the February issue of Juxtapoz and for his show at FIFTY24SF in summer. Street <-> Art.


Photos by Nils Müller, from his book ‘Bluetezeit’. Remain silent and let your craft do the talking.

Minimal illusions

Works by Toast, Stohead, Shark, Mizzo, Mate and others available from the Minimal Illusions Gallery / Store. Street Art inspired design est trés chic.

Abandoned houses by Seth Clark

Mixed media: Oil, colored pencil, pastel, charcoal, graphite on paper. Various sizes.  Some of Seth Clark’s works are available from the wonderful jamsnation shop for handmade objects.

I see it all – Deth P. Sun

Various illustrations by Deth P. Sun. Shop here. Book ‘I see it all’ out now.

Pufferella – I know you are but what am I

Harhar! It´s that easy to bring the fun back into art. Pufferella. Available at factoryfresh. Visit her studio.

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