Dustin Wallace

Equally mechanic and art, the robotic elite by Dustin Wallace. If you ar into this you probably know applied kinetic arts? Classifications left aside, Jeremy Mayer, Christopher Conte and  Ptolemy Elrington look exceptional to me.

Bruce Gray

This robot features a movable head, pivoting (simulated) energy pulse gun with movable joystick/fire button controller, movable upper arm and a forearm that raises and has a swiveling multi-positionable hand. Made from a 2005 BMW 645CI convertible by Californian sculptor Bruce Gray.

Minimal illusions

Works by Toast, Stohead, Shark, Mizzo, Mate and others available from the Minimal Illusions Gallery / Store. Street Art inspired design est trés chic.

Nicholas Kuszyk – Superconscious futureritual

Visit the temple of boom for more information. Highly recommended. Rrobots and mountains.

Sculptor Nemo Gould


Sculptor Nemo Gould is obsessed with robots. See the instruction video on how to build your own machine.