The ruins of Detroit

Photography by Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre. Book coming from Steidl in Dec. Is Detroit a model city (video)? Well

These are my friends by Chad Moore


Relleno De Mono’s cartoon family photos


Haha! It’s my uncle. – Have a look at Relleno De Mono’s family photo series on flickr.

Brokeback mountain


















Via Condenser Mic’s myspace.

The spirit surfers



INFOsembler from the spirit surfers alters your perception. Not.

Sergej Vutuc feels asphalt


“Mouth can never say, what eyes can see” – word by Sergej Vutuc.

Car crash photography


Here we go with two photographers who capture the beauty of the destroyed. The missing action is left to your imagination. The Garage Series by Ricarda Roggan, courtesy of Gallery Eigen+Art and the Series ‘Paradise Lost’ by Raffael Waldner, thanks to Süsstrunk & Jericke.

35 meter tarantula

princesse_l08_50724Back in 2008, the french group ‘la machine’ created this 35 m wide spider for Liverpool’s 800s anniversary. Though it’s fully controllable, some of the 200.000 visitors who attended the anniversary were scared by its appearance. Read the article or and check out the man who took photos of the happening, Pete Karr.

Scandinavian photography






Lots of cool images to be found on, shown here are photos by Sannah Kvist, member of the carboncollective.