Louis Reith

Relief for Aanschouw yb Louis Reith. His calendar. Tangram is king.

tchmo / landscape

Prints by Tchmo / Australia, Canada.

More mountains

Bridging fiction and reality with her installations made from iconical nature photographs – Justine Blau.

Kim Asendorf / Mountain tour

From the ‘mountain tour’ (2010) series by Kim Asendorf. If you want to give your iPhone the bits and bytes look go for his pixel generating app here . Below his map generator.

Nicholas Kuszyk – Superconscious futureritual

Visit the temple of boom for more information. Highly recommended. Rrobots and mountains.

Big strange mystery corner store by the Okay mountain collective

From fecal face : “I’m glad it’s somebody else’s job to write show descriptions. I probably would have just written that we wanted to make a cool show.” Okay Mountain.