New directions

A slightly new direction for Cody Hoyt, see the latest craft on his newly installed tumblr. Now living in NYC, when will he be represented by Joshua Liner Gallery, next to Greg Lamarche?

Lady love

Give the lady some.

Public intimacy

In Asia these interventions probably wouldn’t work, you can see so many private preparations in the streets and on the subway. In Europe they stand out. From the ‘Public intimacy’ series by Mentalgassi. Also check their contributions to getxophoto 11. ‘El sireno’ from the show is featured below. Haha! Compare with the ‘autonomous mechanisms’ by Eltono and Momo. PLAF!

PLAF – Hallet’s Cove from MOMO on Vimeo.

Full bleed – New York skateboard photography

The book ‘Full bleed – New York skateboard photography’ has been out for a while. What makes it so good is, it shows the multiple facets of skateboarding: The characters, the spots, the side action, the tricks, the fashion, and the city that is New York. All of which is constantly changing is archived in this compendium. There would be one thing to make it better: More background info about the photos and an easier way to interrelate the info with the pages, since the numeration is missing. Have a look inside.

Helping hand

Aaaaah! Wheat paste on wall painting. Read and .

Next stop atlantic

From the photo series ‘Next stop atlantic’ by Stephen Mallon. NYC subway cars are dumped into the ocean. At first sight frightening but according to the ‘Times’ underwater life is happy about them. Some serious seashell bombing must have gone down.

Leif Parsons

Exceptional: Leif Parsons / Toronto, NYC. Zine ‘Live free or die harder’ (2008) available from Islands Fold.

Kenji (KNGee) – May’s lane

Kenji Nakayama’s panel from the May’s lane project (2008) is on tour in Australia until the end of next year. Another piece is on public display at 132 Elridge ST, NYC. More images at his flickr.

Cheryl Dunn

Surf photos from the “Privado” series by Cheryl Dunn. Visit her tumblr for more user friendliness. Embrace life and the streets of New York.

William Klein

Painted contact by William Klein, courtesy of 51 Gallery, Antwerp:

“An international jury at Photokina 1963 voted William Klein one of the 30 most important photographers in the medium’s history. He became famous in Europe immediately upon publication of his strikingly intense book of photographs, “Life Is Good for You in New York” – William Klein Trance Witness Revels, for which he won the Prix Nadar in 1956. Klein’s visual language made an asset out of accident, graininess, blur, and distortion. He has described his work as “a crash course in what was not to be done in photography.” Klein employed a wide-angle lens, fast film, and novel framing and printing procedures to make images in a fragmented, anarchic mode that emphasized raw immediacy and highlighted the photographer’s presence in the scene. ”

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