Hello plantlife

So hippie and so now – Nathaniel Russell.

Drawing = to observe and transform and amplify

Sick sculptures and drawings by Heiko Blankenstein.

Anna Beeke

Encounters in and around the forestAnna Beeke. She also has an eye for the fallow land.

Chinese arboretum

Images of Chinese trees for billboards. Ongoing project by Heather and Ivan Morrison. Above: One day sculpture (2008).


Thomas Popp visits places several times. Book “Landschaften”.

Off to save the world

Small scale paintings by Marc Elsener, courtesy of Christinger de Mayo.


Paintings by Jimmy Baker. View one next to the artist here. Gallery Roberts & Tilton.

Is it growing

Man-made constructions and nature. Shannon G. Wright and Alexandre Arrechea.

More mountains

Bridging fiction and reality with her installations made from iconical nature photographs – Justine Blau.

Uninvited collaborations with nature

Crazy interventions in nature. By Nina Katchadourian. Her works are diverse and she sometimes goes streetsy.

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