Mr. Burns

Oil paintings by Seth Armstrong.

Eric Nyquist – Natural technology

The detailed drawings by Eric Nyquist merge the natural and the industrial. No surprise amongst his works are murals for the NASA laboratories. Here is a video interview with him. Compare to Ingo Giezendanner.

Anthony Lister / THIS

Australian candy maker Anthony Lister at THIS / L.A. Sweeter than ever. “Rendered in acrylic and spraypaint, the wood panels feature Lister’s iconic superheroes as well as rare self-portraits. For a full list of available works, please contact ”

Close to a world below

Select work by artists: Richard Gilligan, Chrissie Abbott, FrenchPaul ParkerMurdoch Stafford, Ashley Lande. Not shown: Derek AlbeckIzzie Klingels, Marcus Oakley. They formed a groupshow ‘Close to a world below’ at Scion Space L.A . Here is the soundtrack to it. Witchcraft hardware!

Catching the fly catcher

“Catching the fly catcher” by Pan. Available from Exhibit A Gallery L.A.. Be there to celebrate Tony Alva’s birthday this weekend. The skate legend is turning to a grand age of 53. The original decks are available as reissues from

Bruce Gray

This robot features a movable head, pivoting (simulated) energy pulse gun with movable joystick/fire button controller, movable upper arm and a forearm that raises and has a swiveling multi-positionable hand. Made from a 2005 BMW 645CI convertible by Californian sculptor Bruce Gray.

Eric Yahnker – Fucking awesome

Haha! Eric Yahnker. The man who loved dirty books – the man who wrote dirty books.

Sumi Ink Club

Oh my! Join the L.A. based drawing collective and let the creative fluids flow… public welcome … locations will be announced … Sumi Ink Club!

Karin Geiger

Karin Geiger explores the tensions between public and private, childhood and adulthood, subject and artist, art and sociology. Her documentation of garage sales around Los ANgeles is so good.

Alphabattle / I am labelled as a bad character

Recent entries from ‘the bad character’ for the alphabattle at Right now, ‘E’ is up.

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