720 – Andrew Phelps

The “720″ series by Andrew Phelps blends art & sport, a gentle surrealism, abandoned buildings, found objects and signage of living. All of what I believe in and what stirs me for whatever reasons. The liner notes “It is so quiet here” by Sebastien Zanella sum it up. And if you want to buy that feeling, get the series at Brunnhofer Galerie Linz or the newspaper re-edition 2012 of the self-published and sold out catalogue from 2010.

Welle Wedding

Concept for a skateable social structure in Berlin by the 3eck Kollektiv.

#12061962 the unharmonious dome

Watch video first.

“In an attempt to rid their subway stations and parking garages of homeless people and junkies, many big cities introduced the idea of continuously playing classical music in these places.
The theory being that the harmony of the classic pieces would mismatch with the unharmonious way of life of the homeless and drug sick, and thereby drive them away.

‘The unharmonious dome’ springs from the counter conclusion of the cities programs and is meant to serve as a refuge to recharge on the necessary dose of distress.
Within the dome the junky is provided with unpleasant imagery and disruptive music enriched with disturbing sound effects such as weeping children and fart sounds.
In addition cheap liquor can be consumed through a shared drinking straw, completing the experience.

this project has been realized by the ‘german integrations bambi’ in the framework of ‘the PLAN’. 2012″

Wayne Hores.

Florian Baudrexel

Installations by Florian Baudrexel (b 1968). At Alexanderstrasse Düsseldorf (2004) and at Hamburger Kunstverein (2012). For his thoughts,view the self published book “Sieben Bücher der Weisheit und Schönheit” and the video.

Jason Rogenes

Still astonishing, Jason Rogenes.


Fun stuff by art collective “Gelitin“. Haha!

It´s burning everywhere

Part of the conflict, Thomas Hirschhorn. Would his art work out on the streets? I think so, though it’s better situated in galleries. Learn more about his thoughts on bringing together politics, philisophy, love and aesthetics.

Juan Angel Chavez


“Juan Angel Chavez was born in La Junta, Chihuahua, Mexico. At the age of thirteen, he immigrated with his family to Chicago. He attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Early College Program and continued his studies at The School, but did not obtained a degree.”

Gas station wrap

Wrapped gasoline station (2008) by Jennifer Marsh. Complete docu here.

The art lot

Psychic orientation‘ (2011) by Jessica Cannon. Outdoor installation at the art lot Brooklyn. Now. Previous highlights: Bushwickedest Skewville and his mini golf area ‘The putting lot‘ (Photo: Becki Fuller), and Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo with ‘Nooks‘, lightboxes capturing NYC street corner life.

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