Drawing = to observe and transform and amplify

Sick sculptures and drawings by Heiko Blankenstein.

Jason Jägel // Reading, writing // In the make

San Fran both-sides-of-life illustrator Jason Jägel with an interview / studio visit, and the print “Reading / Writing”.

Ulla Saar’s houses

Two houses by Ulla Saar. One from Detroit, one from Tallinn. Atem books.

The city is yours

Deck and murals by Lennard Schuurmans / NL.

Jens Besser

Everybody is into murals now – opening the field of styles in the streets. Here is the contribution of Jens Besser.

Merijn Hos

Illustrations and paperworks by Merijn Hos.

Matthew Woodson – ghostCo

Matthew Woodson’s strong drawings. The solo images are even better than the multiples.

Get freaky

Launch a fanzine, exhibit the single pages framed and organize a party around it to get freaky. Have a look at issue 3. Well done!

Leif Parsons

Exceptional: Leif Parsons / Toronto, NYC. Zine ‘Live free or die harder’ (2008) available from Islands Fold.

Daniel Danger

These and some more originals are still available from Daniel Danger’s “Tiny media empire” or from 1988 gallery L.A. Learn more about this illustrator and printmaker on vimeo.

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