Ode to rest

Or ode to senseless sculptures. Fantastic skeptic Martin Chramosta.

Sayre Gomez

“Windows and mirrors” from Sayre Gomez up now.

It´s burning everywhere

Part of the conflict, Thomas Hirschhorn. Would his art work out on the streets? I think so, though it’s better situated in galleries. Learn more about his thoughts on bringing together politics, philisophy, love and aesthetics.

Em Om

Customized longboard by Yudi Noor. From his show ‘Shadow and the other way of entroducing life’ (2008).

Rudi Kargus

Footballer Rudi Kargus. Ein Fest.

The art machinery




Ryan McGinness turns rebellion into money. See his recent astonishing works here.

Strange and exciting sculptures


Vandalised recycling bins by Douglas White. Please watch the video for more of his sculptures.

Relief paintings by Gregory Euclide


Gregory Euclide is so hot right now, there’s something for everybody in his work. See the press corner on his webpage, interest comes from design magazines, high art galleries, youth culture and railway set deco fans.

Koki Tanaka’s dirty yoga


Koki Tanaka’s art is about the choices you have and the ones you make. Weirdelic videos!