DIY skatespots – Richard Gilligan

The first extensive documentation of DIY skatespots, a photo book by Richard Gilligan published by 1980 editions Paris. The limited edition of 30 (signed and with a print of the image you see above) is still available. Highly recommend though of course some interesting DIY spots are missing. Due to Richard^s “democratic editing process” of which you can read in this interview.

Zoologische Gärten

From the photo series “Zoologische Gärten” (1991/92) by Candida Höfer. More images at Rena B Gallery. Book published by Schirmer Mosel ISBN 3888146852.

Asphalt needed

Isn’t it time to enlive the International fairground centre in Tripoli/Lebanon with some asphalt? What do you think, Oscar Niemeyer?

The beast

Praise the beast.

More anarchitecture

‘House’ (1993 – 1994) by Rachel Whiteread. Check the photos from: John Davies. More info below (1:48).

Patrick Cornillet

Patrick Cornillet’s work is about those non-places to which graffiti writers, skateboarders and other urban species are drawn.

Art & architecture

Explore the visual world of Matthieu Gafsou and feel the borders between nature and man-made environments melting. Tell mum nothing is okay.

Bernd Uhde – Urban Surfaces

From Bernd Uhde´s ‘Urban surfaces’ series, gallery Kunstgut Hamburg, book available from Seltmann+Söhne. The photos are taken from a helicopter or hot-air balloon. AirRealArt.

The ROA cycle

You rarely see any videos of Peter ROA painting, below is one. And here is a video interview with the Belgian, but you better check his art, for instance his murals in Mexico and his installation at black rat projects. We need more  animals and decay!

Have a good day, sir

Catch the friendly fire of Dave Ackels’ skate vid series named “Absorb”.

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