Hidden tracks

Conceptual works by the Swiss twin brothers huber.huber (Markus & Reto). I especially like thier birdhouses made from found materials (2010) – following the ‘hidden track’ birdhouse project in NYC (2007). And the ‘Findling’ project which consists of a stone and some collages. Unfortunately the accompanying book is missing the effect lacquer.

Merijn Hos

Illustrations and paperworks by Merijn Hos.

Are you in the dark place

From the series “Are you in the dark place…” (2010) by Gabi Deutsch / Switzerland.

Contemporary collage / Virginia Echeverria

Why do so many contemporary collagists like Virginia Echeverria rely on artwork from years back? Which you get at the fleamarket or in the net. I like this conservation of old imagery but look forward to finding more collages created from today’s (printed) material.

Jason Overby – More molecules

Collages by Jason Overby.

David van Alphen

Collages by David Netherland.  Inofficially titled “Tony Hawk has never been riding for Sims skateboards, but I am an artist”. Available from his website or from Parlor Gallery.

“Artist/ gallery curator David “Netherland” van Alphen lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Though David’s family was from Holland, he was born in Toronto, and has been in Chicago for the last eight years. Being a child of the 70’s has influenced him greatly and is reflected in most of his work. Juxtaposing images, his color choices and the new modern context comes through his nostalgic imagery and helps to isolate and enhance them into a beautiful montage. David does not resize, photocopy or scan any of the images he uses. All images are cut directly from their original source and  and pieced together to keep each piece unique. David has shown at many galleries throughout the U.S. and sold out his first solo show in January 2008.”

Fred Free

The master of collage, Fred Free. He has created some of them since 1962. Happy spleen.

Jan Christian Pohl

Works by Jan Christian Pohl / FFM. Slightly bizarre and touching.

Abigail Reynolds

Relief sculptures and collages using found or second hand photos. By Abigail Reynolds. Simply beautiful. Does she belong to the Cut up collective?

Info graphics by Manuel Bürger

Poster for the “Shake your tree” project – participants from all over the world send in their branches which are photographed, cartographed and displaved (2008-2010) to form one big tree – The SYT network.

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