Full bleed – New York skateboard photography

The book ‘Full bleed – New York skateboard photography’ has been out for a while. What makes it so good is, it shows the multiple facets of skateboarding: The characters, the spots, the side action, the tricks, the fashion, and the city that is New York. All of which is constantly changing is archived in this compendium. There would be one thing to make it better: More background info about the photos and an easier way to interrelate the info with the pages, since the numeration is missing. Have a look inside.

Cat Tuong Nguyen

Photoworks by Cat Tuong Nguyen. More images here and here, and a view into the book ‘Underdog suite’ (Scheidegger & Spiess 2009). You guess the artist is originally from Vietnam and you are right.

Bernd Uhde – Urban Surfaces

From Bernd Uhde´s ‘Urban surfaces’ series, gallery Kunstgut Hamburg, book available from Seltmann+Söhne. The photos are taken from a helicopter or hot-air balloon. AirRealArt.

ARTSHit / Escif “Muros y paredes”

96 pages, hardcover, 150 signed copies available from artsh.it. His finest works until 2010 and a conversation with X, Y and Z about the street as an area of creation (in Spanish only). Watch out for Escif’s feature in the February issue of Juxtapoz and for his show at FIFTY24SF in summer. Street <-> Art.

Public hyperbindings

Lorenz Estermann analyses Eastern- and Central European industrial buildings from the 60s and 70s and overstates their aesthetics when he builds smalls scale models of them. He then places these objects in the middle of nowhere (and in galleries like LEVY /Hamburg and Röpke / Cologne) and takes photos or videos of them. Fun time! He also works on paper. For more info see this excerpt from his book “Public hyperbindings” (Hatje Cantz, 2010).

Blackdrop island

From the `Blackdrop Island’ series by Klara Källström / Stockholm. Read more about the project at The SIP.

The ruins of Detroit

Photography by Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre. Book coming from Steidl in Dec. Is Detroit a model city (video)? Well

Hans Eijkelboom

A very special street photographer and urban sociologist, Hans Eijkelboom. From his ‘10 EURO outfits’ series (2005-2006): ”I bought 32 new outfits for myself, initially once a week, later once a fortnight. The only criterion for my choice was the price: it couldn’t be higher than ± 10 euros.” All outfits are documented in a photo book. Serious asphalt.

Skateboarding in Uganda

These kids from the Uganda Skateboard Union definitely feel asphalt. After building their own structures near Kampala/Uganda “the elder ones use this sport as a means of communication within their community to transmit values as respect and solidarity.” Quote from the ’Kitintale’ folder from Yann Gross. More photos of the spots and skateboarders here. Also go for the videos.

East of the adriatic – photobook

‘East of the adriatic’ is available from 1980 editions for 28,00 €:

Scott Bourne, well-known skateboarder and writer, welcomes us on board for a balkan road-trip cruising through Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania to Split, Croatia, by the Adriatic sea. The journey to the end of the night, with the rhythm of an old-time sailor song, of an author always seeking for discovery and strangeness. Bertrand Trichet and Sergej Vutuc exhibit their photographs, as if to express the different sensations of a same journey, and give a hand to Lars Grewe, Jaka Babnik and Scott Bourne himself to illustrate the text. Pierre Villanoba, first dancer of the San Francisco Ballet, signs the foreword and Romain Pareja has left his tattoo studio to draw mythologist figures which achieve to make unique this Balkan journal, to the East of the Adriatic.”

Follow this link for some more photos from inside the book.

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