DIY skatespots – Richard Gilligan

The first extensive documentation of DIY skatespots, a photo book by Richard Gilligan published by 1980 editions Paris. The limited edition of 30 (signed and with a print of the image you see above) is still available. Highly recommend though of course some interesting DIY spots are missing. Due to Richard^s “democratic editing process” of which you can read in this interview.

Zoologische Gärten

From the photo series “Zoologische Gärten” (1991/92) by Candida Höfer. More images at Rena B Gallery. Book published by Schirmer Mosel ISBN 3888146852.

Spessi – Location

Icelandic photographer Spessi: “A place is not a place until someone has been there”. Book: Location (DAP 2007). Get the digital workfiles of the book.

Florian Baudrexel

Installations by Florian Baudrexel (b 1968). At Alexanderstrasse Düsseldorf (2004) and at Hamburger Kunstverein (2012). For his thoughts,view the self published book “Sieben Bücher der Weisheit und Schönheit” and the video.

Low cost design / Anarch etiquette

Daniele Pario Perra by his research project ‘low cost design’ documents … “the smart solutions created by anonymous designers to find a way to sort out everyday problems or needs. The two books published by Silvana present hundreds of examples of unconventional creativity: a re-use, or better, a modified and enlightened use not only of objects, but also of actions and projects that can change the use of the territory, thus revealing people’s innovative customs and great imagination.”

Another great project has been Perra´s urban fresco removal, more infos here.


Thomas Popp visits places several times. Book “Landschaften”.

Service is his only product

Font love letters on walls – Stephen Powers / ESPO. Available from various galleries. Book: A love letter for you: Brick Valentines on the Philly Skyline (DAP Publishers). Studio shot by theselby, more here.


More images from control freak Jason Rhoades here. Compare to Karsten Bott. If you want to grasp the farmer son’s mindset look out for the book “Volume” (ISBN: 3-89611-051-9) – the last and most compendious one revisioned by Rhoades himself. Filled with his personal associations.

Ernest Pignon Ernest

Do you remember street art? Ernest Pignon Ernest has put up his first ephemeral piece of art in 1966.


Back to the roots of murals – excerpts from the book

Muralismo. Arte En La Cultura Popular Chilena./Mural Painting. Art in Chile’s Popular Culture.

More images of classic murals in Chile here.

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