Overhead design

The exhibition design looks more interesting than the paintings. Franz Ackermann at Berlinische.

Clemens Behr – Splitter

New sculptures by Clemens Behr. Exhhibition until 4th of August in Berlin.

Welle Wedding

Concept for a skateable social structure in Berlin by the 3eck Kollektiv.

Sayre Gomez

“Windows and mirrors” from Sayre Gomez up now.

Public intimacy

In Asia these interventions probably wouldn’t work, you can see so many private preparations in the streets and on the subway. In Europe they stand out. From the ‘Public intimacy’ series by Mentalgassi. Also check their contributions to getxophoto 11. ‘El sireno’ from the show is featured below. Haha! Compare with the ‘autonomous mechanisms’ by Eltono and Momo. PLAF!

PLAF – Hallet’s Cove from MOMO on Vimeo.

Grey. black

Quite nice. Tim Eitel.

Louise Bristow

Louise Bristow:

“I make my paintings by creating constructed arrangements, reminiscent of stage sets, which I then paint from. This process allows me to bring together different collage elements, such as my own photographs or found images from books and magazines, as well as three-dimensional models I have made of real or imagined buildings and architectural details.

There is a narrative element to much of my work. I am inspired by everyday things that I find around me,
and how these things express bigger ideas; graffiti on a wall in a street communicates one person’s political dissent,
and the design and imagery of a tiny postage stamp can encapsulate a nation’s ruling ideology…”

Polypix – raw and textured

From the ‘Faces’ series (2011-) by Timo Schaal aka Polypix. Also check his photos for Berlin street art. Raw and textured.

Em Om

Customized longboard by Yudi Noor. From his show ‘Shadow and the other way of entroducing life’ (2008).

Mixed media on linen mat

Works by Cristian Andersen, courtesy of Wentrup / Berlin.

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