More anarchitecture

‘House’ (1993 – 1994) by Rachel Whiteread. Check the photos from: John Davies. More info below (1:48).

Misplaced manhole covers

This is something for the advanced stroller. Look out for misplaced manhole covers. Part of the urban puzzle.

Skateboarding in Uganda

These kids from the Uganda Skateboard Union definitely feel asphalt. After building their own structures near Kampala/Uganda “the elder ones use this sport as a means of communication within their community to transmit values as respect and solidarity.” Quote from the ’Kitintale’ folder from Yann Gross. More photos of the spots and skateboarders here. Also go for the videos.

Searching for the miracolous

Following his first movie about concrete DIY spots “Strongest of the strange” here comes “Searching for the miracolous”. The new video by Pontus Alv deals with his early footsteps into skateboarding and the loss of his father and grandparents.


My vinyl weighs a ton. Beaver sculpture made from concrete by Sein. Height: 30 cm.


NYC by Sabeth.

Designed cement / Guiseppe Uncini

Courtesy of Galleria Fumagalli / Bergamo.

Endless shaka

Bittersweet photos by Ray Potes. It’s a lifestyle but don’t call it lifestyle.


Create your own spot, make it skateable.

Bristol banks


ZIML feels asphalt.

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