Kim Asendorf / Mountain tour

From the ‘mountain tour’ (2010) series by Kim Asendorf. If you want to give your iPhone the bits and bytes look go for his pixel generating app here . Below his map generator.

Sentinent city survival kit

The “sentinent city survival kit” recommends not-yet-walked routes to you. Apply now for testing the beta version of this app. Created by v2 the institute for the unstable media. You take the high road I take the by road.

Do you remember Momo’s Manhattan map tag:

Laszlo Moholy Nagy

Last century’s constructivist Laszlo Moholy Nagy had an enormous output – paintings, photography, movies, sculpture you can fill rooms with his works. Outstanding are his photograms and photographical collages, see some examples above. Available through Alice Adam amongst others. And if you have an iP+#e, check this app from GEM Den Haag.

News from the Graffiti Research Lab!

Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook by GRL co-founder Evan Roth written by Chris Sugrue. Get the iPhone application here. Or follow the tutorial and build your own studio to capture tags into the Graffiti Markup Language (GML). Awesome. Finally, here’s the database for all GML-archived tags so far. Contribute now!