Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra


This is a good story about actors in the art market:

ICY Signs – Perfection is Standard, Mistakes Cost Extra .

At its current location, 72 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, the ICY shop produces signs for local businesses and serves as an open studio where passersby are invited to enter and witness the painting process first-hand. Beginning on October 24th, the opening of ICY Signs Chelsea (a.k.a. Joshua Liebermann Gallery, images below and here -Ed.) will increase the reach of the ICY project, bringing hand-painted signage to a new neighborhood with the input and blessing of local residents.

In a recent interview, Powers said of his and the work of his co-workers (That is: Sean Barton, Lew Blum, Justin Green, Mike Lee, Sam Meyerson, Dan Murphy, Alexis Ross, Matt Wright):

“We want to make a mark on the landscape of New York. In the way that I did with graffiti, I want to do that now with painted signage—there’s just not enough of it. [...] I want chaos—I want the ninety-nine cent store to look the way it does, I want something crazy next door, and I want something even crazier down the block. That’s the way it should be. That’s the way it was a hundred, fifty, and twenty years ago and the city looked awesome for it.”

[...] In a city that has gone the way of the chain store—where the blocks are cluttered with uniform awnings and vinyl lettering and classic signs are replaced or left to deteriorate—ICY’s job is to make the everyday interesting, and the interesting every day.

ICY’s work has to be appreciated for two reasons: It creates a ground for ESPOs and his coworkers fine art (commercial) works. It opens your eyes for retro signs.

Overhead design

The exhibition design looks more interesting than the paintings. Franz Ackermann at Berlinische.

Clemens Behr – Splitter

New sculptures by Clemens Behr. Exhhibition until 4th of August in Berlin.


A collection of photos capturing the moments when art is installed in museums, at auctions, in public spaces. Wrap it, tape it, walk it. Above: Mark Bradford at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Now.

A street type

Street font photography by Joel Birch.  For more like this check his crew lo-fi  collective and especially the typographers below.

Sayre Gomez

“Windows and mirrors” from Sayre Gomez up now.

21st century psychedelia

Still very colorful and loaded with pink, the works by Kelsey Brookes. Desires of the soul. UK premiering at Lazarides.

ROA in Perth

“Paradox”- the first Australian exhibition by ROA.

In the lead up to his exhibition in Perth, FORM hosted ROA in a journey to the Pilbara and the South West of Australia. ROA used this source material gathered on his journeys to create the body of work in the exhibition, using the studios at Midland Atelier.

The art lot

Psychic orientation‘ (2011) by Jessica Cannon. Outdoor installation at the art lot Brooklyn. Now. Previous highlights: Bushwickedest Skewville and his mini golf area ‘The putting lot‘ (Photo: Becki Fuller), and Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo with ‘Nooks‘, lightboxes capturing NYC street corner life.

We love web comics

Sketches and prints from cartoonists Scott Campbell, Kyle Hoyt, Daniel M. Davis and others. They fit perfectly into your kitchen and wallet. Available from doublepunch gallery SF or via their webshop.

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