Asphalt needed

Isn’t it time to enlive the International fairground centre in Tripoli/Lebanon with some asphalt? What do you think, Oscar Niemeyer?

Ximena Garrida Lecca

Ximena Garrida-Lecca is bringing Peru’s street culture to galleries.

Low cost design / Anarch etiquette

Daniele Pario Perra by his research project ‘low cost design’ documents … “the smart solutions created by anonymous designers to find a way to sort out everyday problems or needs. The two books published by Silvana present hundreds of examples of unconventional creativity: a re-use, or better, a modified and enlightened use not only of objects, but also of actions and projects that can change the use of the territory, thus revealing people’s innovative customs and great imagination.”

Another great project has been Perra´s urban fresco removal, more infos here.


Skateboard decks by Rose Sanderson. Reminiscient of Dan Witz ?

Built an ark

“Kea Tawana built a wooden ark on city vacant land in Newark, New Jersey in 1981. Fed up with city neglect of the neighborhood since the 1967 riots, Tawana decided to create a massive structure – ninety feet wide and three stories high – using scavenged material. The ark served to provide hope and symbolize renewal. Unfortunately, the city decided to raze the structure, stating that its presence did not comply with code.” More here. Followed by Mark Bradford who has built an ark for New Orleans in LA after the hurricane ‘Katrina’. To research locations like these, check  outsider-environments.

Instant favelas

Made from cardboard – instant favelas.


The Millegomme network does incredible works with car tires.

“Our filosophy is to integrate into a setting by involving locals and play with the problems altogether”

Look forward to the past

Skateboarddesign by Randy Laybourne for the Montana Skatepark Association.  Photos from the  past deck auctions here. Apply now for the upcoming auction .

Jason Rogenes

Still astonishing, Jason Rogenes.


Fun stuff by art collective “Gelitin“. Haha!

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