Ode to rest

Or ode to senseless sculptures. Fantastic skeptic Martin Chramosta.

Clemens Behr – Splitter

New sculptures by Clemens Behr. Exhhibition until 4th of August in Berlin.

Drawing = to observe and transform and amplify

Sick sculptures and drawings by Heiko Blankenstein.

Fixing the sun

Cardboard relief painting by Ulrich Hakel. Look inside his book “Fixing the sun“. Check his work at Schwarz Contemporary.

720 – Andrew Phelps

The “720″ series by Andrew Phelps blends art & sport, a gentle surrealism, abandoned buildings, found objects and signage of living. All of what I believe in and what stirs me for whatever reasons. The liner notes “It is so quiet here” by Sebastien Zanella sum it up. And if you want to buy that feeling, get the series at Brunnhofer Galerie Linz or the newspaper re-edition 2012 of the self-published and sold out catalogue from 2010.

Welle Wedding

Concept for a skateable social structure in Berlin by the 3eck Kollektiv.

Felice Varini / highlight the city

Lesson 2: Instead of geometric patterns like Felice Varini create a supersized graffiti which can be captured in full from only one standpoint.

Florian Baudrexel

Installations by Florian Baudrexel (b 1968). At Alexanderstrasse Düsseldorf (2004) and at Hamburger Kunstverein (2012). For his thoughts,view the self published book “Sieben Bücher der Weisheit und Schönheit” and the video.

Repair works

A different perception of place goes along with a different lifestyle. Watch the video about Andrea Zittel. Her “repair works” from 1991 are great, too.

Hidden tracks

Conceptual works by the Swiss twin brothers huber.huber (Markus & Reto). I especially like thier birdhouses made from found materials (2010) – following the ‘hidden track’ birdhouse project in NYC (2007). And the ‘Findling’ project which consists of a stone and some collages. Unfortunately the accompanying book is missing the effect lacquer.

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